Dee Zee DZ91782 Specialty Series Single Dog Chest

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Dee Zee DZ91782 Specialty Series Single Dog Chest Description

Get your dog and all its supplies delivered to the trailhead with our rugged Model DZ91782 Specialty Series Single Dog Chest. Made from durable Brite-Tread aluminum, this box is designed for transporting one oversized dog. It features Vents for proper air circulation in both the front and rear, as well as a Bold Together design that makes storage easy when it’s not on the road. For added security, locks can be installed using our Universal Padlock Hinges (not included).
This is a box. It is made of aluminum. This box does not rust. You can tell because it has ‘non-rusting’ in the front of it. The design on the front is to help you put this metal box together in minutes without sharp edges where two pieces meet, and with ventilation so that it doesn’t get too hot inside the box. This metal box can be 18 and 7/8 inches long and 29 inches wide and 20 inches tall – that is how much space there is inside this aluminum box when you put all of them together in a row, but when they are apart they take up 6 cubic feet which means they would fit better into your car than if they were all connected together like a puzzle piece